Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Morning After

Hello beautiful people!

Thank you everyone who joined us yesterday for the Grand Opening Party.  We had so much fun and we hope that you did too.

We woke up today with no headaches or dehydration issues, but with memories of the great time we had last night. We made lots of new friends who we hope to see much more of.

Special thanks go out to Guerrilla Dinners for delicious catering, we couldn’t get enough of these tasty treats:

Also thanks to RTST, who “Pumped the Jams” all evening long so we could keep on dancing. He played amidst the colorful backdrop of paintings by the LadyBird herself, Nicole Northway. 


Madeline and Allie, the jewelry making duo, crafted throughout the evening, making sure everyone  could go home with their own pair of earrings made by themselves. Also, our friends were able to walk away with some strange prints with the screen printing demo. If you want to learn more about making earrings, knitting, screen printing, and more, sign up for fall classes!


Congratulations to everyone who won a prize from our fantastic raffle, and thanks to all the artists who contributed items! 

And, most importantly, thank you to everyone who came out last night! We love you all! One Strange Bird has never been filled with such fantastic human beings, we couldn't help but smile all night. 

Come back soon and visit us, sign up for fall classes, and see all the new things that are coming into the store! 

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