Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter Pics!

 Lots of changes in the New Year at One Strange Bird!  We had a very successful holiday season and have used the extra holiday cheer to bulk up around here!  We painted the front wall purple, the outside a bright teal, and launched our Fine Arts program with Anna Todaro being our first show!  Check out some pics of the store below and check back for news coming soon.


Kevin Lucius's Chi town pride on the new purple wall

Finally full of awesome!

 A healthy dose of kitsch via Blue Que and a brand new waving cat! 

A new piece by Allie Corwin already SOLD :)

Red Belly's wool belts

 Lil Orphan Girl's whimsical terreriums 

Nicolet Candles! Soy based candles in recycled 
(and reusable) beer and wine bottles

 It's a Lamp!

  Old Soap Factory's amazing all natural Shea Butter Soaps

That's all for now!  Come in an visit us!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I found your blog while searching my own on google. I love that there is another strange bird out in the world and we both have very similar design aesthetics! I love your store/gallery and wish that I could visit it. I'm in Portland, Oregon, so I won't be dropping in anytime soon. But I do have a waving cat statue on my desk at work. :-) Keep up the amazing work! I will definitely be following your blog and enjoying the artwork that you post!